Friday, April 17, 2015

Interview With Rachael Kohlman

      I interviewed Rachael Kohlman. She answered some of my questions which were all grouped into sections. She talked about her child hood, and how it affects her today. Some accomplishments, and struggles to get those. Finally some advice to us and future generations.
      Rachael grew up in a small town in Minnesota. There she helped work a farm with her dad, which taught her how to work and and get threw things that are hard. She also thought that her dad gave her the gift of gab. She considered her mom and dad as heroes because of the lessons they taught her, and her siblings as well. 
      Rachael is a full time cop in O’Neill and part time Chief of Page. She is also the state officer in FFA, and has a degree in Pre-Med, agriculture, a fully trained medic, and of course a cop.

      Rachael also gave me some advice. I asked her if she could change one thing in her life that has happened what would it be. You know what her answer was. Nothing, she thought everything happened for a reason and if it wasn't meant to happen then it wouldn't have.
     She told me also a good way to keep goals. She told me a story that when she was in FFA they had her make a goal card with three goals, it didn't matter how big or little. She also said that today she still carries around a goal card in her Bullet proof jacket every day to work.

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