Friday, February 20, 2015

Why College Is Important?

College Writing
By: Riley Davis

          As a third grader I was one of the bigger kids, I decided to play full contact football. When I played my first year I was very good, but some of the coaches were concerned someone would get hurt. So I played with the fourth graders. All the way up to my fifth grade year.
          With the love of football, it would suit me to play football for the Nebraska Huskers. Also I would like to get a degree. I have thought about what I want to do when I get older for a while, and I would either go to college to be a vet or an architectural engineer. I want to go to the University of Nebraska because of its academic standards and the Huskers are also my favorite team, and I want to play football for them.
           Education will help me earn many of my goals as an adult. If I decide to be a vet, I think it would be fun to come back to my home town and start a business, if my football career doesn’t progress to another level after college. If I were to go to college to be an architectural engineer I would have to move to a bigger city to be successful because I live in a relatively small town and I don’t really want to have to move unless its to have better opportunities although I would still be reluctant.
          To my mom and dad, they both think that a college degree is extremely important. If I were to not to do as good as I think I can in football, they want me to be able to get a good job. They said they don’t care what I do when I get older they just want me to have a plan to be successful.

          So as you can see me and my mom and dad all think that college is important. It gives really good chances to have a good life and job. If you work hard, you will succeed and if you don’t succeed its your own fault, and you didn't work your hardest.

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