Saturday, December 13, 2014

Elkhorn River

Every bridge
show more opportunities 

every section shows
more choices

go fishing
and swimming
and tubing or tanking
go canoeing
four wheeling
and hunting

All rivers are same 
but different

this ones different
because its in Nebraska

Persona Poem

I speak death
though I can mean life 

I eat the powder 
and pit out the lead 

All the same I am 
not in charge

Im chosen for when
to wait and sit

Im made to be
bounced around 

and sometimes
they feed me

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hunting is My Life (haiku)

Hunting is my life
When you hear boom it is best

Dragging deer back sucks

Life is Football (extended metaphor poem)

Life is football

It can be rough
If you get knocked down

You have to get up

When you lose, everyone suffers
When you win, everyone is rewarded

Teamwork, and group suffering

Life is football

Found Poem From, Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address

Don’t lose hope
Getting fired was the best
I didn’t know what to do
But I entered on of the most creative period of my life

Remembering that will help me make big choices

Deer season (five senses poem)

With the biting cold wind in my face
Although the smell of propane dampers it
Sitting in the stand is cozy though
With the wind whistling in the background
But never touching me

When I here crunch, crunch, crunch
The gun comes up
The binoculars come out
The white glistening snow with light twinkling from falling snow
And then splash splash splash across the frozen river

When up comes white trophies coming up from a hill

When out of the near silence comes a loud sharp noise that can be heard for miles

After you see the feet fly and the head drop
A sudden joy serges through you
When you walk to see your trophy you are very proud

Until you relize you have to drag him back

Riley (name poem)

It means, honest, strong, funny
It is number 58
It is the color of grass
It is the memory of Grandpa Martin
Who taught me to be thankful and fight for what you want
When he tells me stories
My name is Riley

It means playing football and hunting

Football (acrostic poem)

From many foes comes many winning friends
Out on the field, nothing else matters
Only in football can you smother someone and get away with it
To play football you have to have tons of heart
Ball flies… TOUCHDOWN

All I think about before and after a game is football
uck is also needed in a game
ife is better with football