Friday, October 31, 2014

Max Power

Max Power
By: Riley Davis

             Max power was an All-Star extreme, hardcore, football player. When he was sprinting down the field for another award winning touchdown, a player hit him just right and he did so hard (because back then when he played the equipment was not near as good) that the helmet shattered, and his shoulder pads just fell apart, and all the while his heart just stopped.
            After that he came to live in OHS. Max lives in the locker room. From constant working out he is very big and muscular. Max’s clothes have changed over the years but right now he wheres a pair of very worn jeans and a ripped T-shirt. Max has a scar across his cheek from what people think was from his helmet when it shattered. When he’s not doing exercise, Max is playing football or doing drills. His hands are rough with callouses from throwing the football so much. His feet, when Max was just beginning as a ghost, were full of blisters from running after decades of practice. His feet have a certain immunity to  blisters.
           The craziest part about him is that only football players can see him. During school he will sometimes visit classrooms. The football players will slowly drift to where he is and talk to Max. The teachers have learned to respect this, although if we get to loud we get in only a little bit of trouble.
           To people, who aren't football players, all they see is the door open. They here sly footsteps, and see all of the chairs sliding to one spot, then whispering quietly in an empty spot between them all. If your not familiar with Max everyone that is involved looks absolutely nuts.

           In the hallways, Max plays pranks on people, making papers fly, tripping people so on, so forth. When we practice, Max is always out there helping and making sure equipment is good so no one else gets hurt. Everyone that plays football likes him. So if you don't play football your in for a surprise. Even if you do play football and you haven't been told about Max Power, your still in for a wild treat.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hogwarts Feast

Halloween Feast at Hogwarts

         When Harry woke up he was very excited for the day. He immediately went to wake up Ron and of course find Hermione in the Gryffindor lounge reading. When Ron and Harry came into the lounge, as first years not knowing what to expect, it was all black and yellow, the fire pit was stoked with, orange fire? They must have enchanted it. The Candy was spread over the middle coffee table for anyone to enjoy. three friends start for there classes. As they went, every so often they would here a scream, and then laughing. They found out why some of the pictures would pop out  or the ghosts would come out of nowhere.
          Once they finally made it there classes Ron and Harry were directed to the Great Hall. Ron asked, “Where is Hermione?” Harry answered, “Probably just stuck in traffic or got lost reading a book. We’ll probably meet her in the Great Hall.” Although he was a little concerned himself.
         In the great hall the enchanted ceiling had a full moon with shallow clouds drifting over it. The walls were filled with orange and black streamers, cobwebs, and fake spiders that would move, in spots green goo would be spilling out, and many other things. Ghosts were in and out of the walls and floor. The candles were orange.

         Ron and Harry saw Hermione all of them sat down. Headmaster Dumbledore said “Proceeding after the feast we will trick or treat in any class room with an orange door. I hope for all of you to have a fabulous Halloween,” all of the sudden he snapped and poof the food was there. Dumbledore smiled as every one dug in. There was;pumpkin pie chocolate frogs, candy licorice, every flavored jelly beans, prime rib, steak, many fruits, pumpkin juice, lamb chops, and mash potatoes. It was a very fun Haloween.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hickory, Dickory, Dock....

"Hickory, dickory, dock..."

by Mother Goose Rewritten By: Riley Davis

Hickory, dickory, dock,The mouse ran quick to the top of the clock;The clock rang one,The mouse scampered down to the ground;Hickory, dickory, dock.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Three things I learned was that Imovie is very hard to use. The second one is that this video can help you learn about yourself. And thirdly if you do get imovie to work it is really cool.