Friday, September 12, 2014

A School Day I'll Never Forget

A School Day I’ll Never Forget   By: Riley Davis

There are many many babies born every day. There will be one that I probably never forget wether I want to or not. On February 27th 2008 my life was changed. We knew it was going to happen any day, and we were all excited. My mom was in and out of the hospital and they had to be ready at any time.
I had to stay with my grandma for a couple of days before the actual day. I had to wake up a little earlier to make it to school or else I’d be late. My grandma let me eat anything for breakfast though so it wasn’t so bad. 
The day when when it happened I had no idea and didn't know what her name would be. I had been suspenseful up to then and it was great to here the news. After school when my grandma picked me up she hurried me to the hospital. I was scared at first but when she announced to me me why, I was relieved. I HAD A NEW BABY SISTER! Her name was Brenna. The day after the 27th I got to skip school to help and hang out with my sister.
Brenna has been awesome, entertaining, exasperating, and a great experience to watch her grow up. I also have someone to pick on and give me something to do everyday. She also helps me with little favors, she is awesome.

Brenna has changed my life forever. My sister has added responsibility. I am not the only child so I don’t get the things I used to which makes it so that I’m not greedy or spoiled.