Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure Story

       Our story was about a mech operator. He was dropped off on a foreign planet to save researchers. Although when instant kill mosquitoes kill everyone but him, he aborts his mission. His new mission is survive and escape. This story tells how he escapes although there is two correct paths there are many ways you can die.
        We made this story in KeyNote. We put a section the story in each slide and then linked a button to either where you die or succeed in your mission. I thought it turned really good. The story is actually a story and you can go two ways and be successful although you can still die very easily. I liked being able to make any story I wanted to make and that was fun. I didn't like the short due dates where she gave us only a day to do 48 slides worth of pictures, words, and buttons.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Interview With Rachael Kohlman

      I interviewed Rachael Kohlman. She answered some of my questions which were all grouped into sections. She talked about her child hood, and how it affects her today. Some accomplishments, and struggles to get those. Finally some advice to us and future generations.
      Rachael grew up in a small town in Minnesota. There she helped work a farm with her dad, which taught her how to work and and get threw things that are hard. She also thought that her dad gave her the gift of gab. She considered her mom and dad as heroes because of the lessons they taught her, and her siblings as well. 
      Rachael is a full time cop in O’Neill and part time Chief of Page. She is also the state officer in FFA, and has a degree in Pre-Med, agriculture, a fully trained medic, and of course a cop.

      Rachael also gave me some advice. I asked her if she could change one thing in her life that has happened what would it be. You know what her answer was. Nothing, she thought everything happened for a reason and if it wasn't meant to happen then it wouldn't have.
     She told me also a good way to keep goals. She told me a story that when she was in FFA they had her make a goal card with three goals, it didn't matter how big or little. She also said that today she still carries around a goal card in her Bullet proof jacket every day to work.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travel Alaska



      As you are enjoying your life in the “Lower 48” , or the main body of states, you may need a little spice in your life. When you make the decision to go to Alaska, you will not regret it. With so many things to do, see, and eat, you will not get bored.

        As you think about traveling to Alaska, you may wonder where you will go. One place is Katami Nation Park. There you will see smooth volcanic rock, along with many inactive volcanoes. The Aleutian Islands are a sight to see. They extend from the southwestern part of Alaska almost to Asia. Boating tours are available to explore the Aleutian Islands. While exploring you may find many exotic cold  water species, such as fish seals and whales. The Islands offer a variety of land animals as well. Finally, Lake Clark National Park is one more amazing place to visit. With something new to see around every mountain and every stream presenting more wild life to see, such as almost one-hundred and fifty different bird species and many types of fish.

        Some activities to do while visiting Alaska’s tour destinations are hiking, boating , and of course, hunting. As you see very of little Lake Clark, you may want to tour it farther. Hiking is a fan favorite. While on a hike around Lake Clark, you may see many different types of wildlife you may never find any where else in the U.S. Boating is also fun activity while visiting Lake Clark.  At the Aleutian Islands, you can travel along the islands and see whales, seals, many fish, and hundreds of different bird species native to Alaska. Hunting may be a fun activity for the “outdoorsy people.” You can find a many moose, bear, deer, and more to hunt.

       While you’re there you may get hungry. Some meats you may only find in Alaska are moose, black bear, and king salmon. There are many ways game may be served in Alaska and while there you can experience all of them. The Alaskan experience also comes with trying to hunt down what you’re going to eat while you’re there.

        As you have explored Alaska you must always come home. Alaska is fun, and you may not want to forget your experience while visiting Alaska, so make sure to take pictures and maybe stop at a gift shop. When you decide to go to Alaska you know where to go to, what to do, and what some good food is.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Why College Is Important?

College Writing
By: Riley Davis

          As a third grader I was one of the bigger kids, I decided to play full contact football. When I played my first year I was very good, but some of the coaches were concerned someone would get hurt. So I played with the fourth graders. All the way up to my fifth grade year.
          With the love of football, it would suit me to play football for the Nebraska Huskers. Also I would like to get a degree. I have thought about what I want to do when I get older for a while, and I would either go to college to be a vet or an architectural engineer. I want to go to the University of Nebraska because of its academic standards and the Huskers are also my favorite team, and I want to play football for them.
           Education will help me earn many of my goals as an adult. If I decide to be a vet, I think it would be fun to come back to my home town and start a business, if my football career doesn’t progress to another level after college. If I were to go to college to be an architectural engineer I would have to move to a bigger city to be successful because I live in a relatively small town and I don’t really want to have to move unless its to have better opportunities although I would still be reluctant.
          To my mom and dad, they both think that a college degree is extremely important. If I were to not to do as good as I think I can in football, they want me to be able to get a good job. They said they don’t care what I do when I get older they just want me to have a plan to be successful.

          So as you can see me and my mom and dad all think that college is important. It gives really good chances to have a good life and job. If you work hard, you will succeed and if you don’t succeed its your own fault, and you didn't work your hardest.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Elkhorn River

Every bridge
show more opportunities 

every section shows
more choices

go fishing
and swimming
and tubing or tanking
go canoeing
four wheeling
and hunting

All rivers are same 
but different

this ones different
because its in Nebraska

Persona Poem

I speak death
though I can mean life 

I eat the powder 
and pit out the lead 

All the same I am 
not in charge

Im chosen for when
to wait and sit

Im made to be
bounced around 

and sometimes
they feed me